Who is Sebastian Scheplitz

Hi, I’m Sebastian Scheplitz, a serial entrepreneur, business mentor for startups and established businesses, self-growth enthusiast, and global citizen.

My passions are growing brands and growing people, which I’ve done in my businesses for clients, my own brands, and as an ex-basketball coach.

I believe that any success requires personal responsibility and ownership - in any field. Be it as an athlete, as a parent, or as an entrepreneur. Nothing good just happens to you.

You must create.

You’re in charge.

And I believe that the pinnacle of entrepreneurship is delivering the ultimate service to others.

Premium white-glove service as I like to call it.

Imagine a concierge who takes care of you and your experience. That’s my business philosophy.

Our world is as polarized and globalized as ever before in history, and I want to be a guiding light in it. Be it on your path of self-development or helping you in building or scaling your business on an international level.

As a global citizen, the world is my playing field. There are so many opportunities and so many lessons to be learned, everywhere.

Because of this, you can find me in Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bali, London, Barcelona, or wherever else is nice.

Life is supposed to be fun.

Work is supposed to be fun.

When I say “fun” - I don’t mean “easy”. To me, challenges are fun, and I enjoy taking them on.

As Andrew Carnegie said: “Anything in life worth having is worth working for.” - or if you like Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ quote more: “Anything worth having is worth fighting for.”

As a serial entrepreneur, speaker, author, and investor, I have been successful in building, and operating, a 7-figure marketing and localization agency network, and investing in multi-million dollar e-commerce brands.

And that’s where you come into play.

I want to give you the mindset, tools, and training to build your own life including highly-profitable and fulfilling businesses.

I’m happiest if I can help you find your passion and purpose, and lead a satisfying life.

But why is that so important to me?

This is bigger than just a few paragraphs. Let me make it short.

I grew up in socialist and later post-socialist Eastern Germany. That right there should already give you a good indication of where this is going.

“Fall in line.” - “Be smallminded.” - “This will never work.” - Limiting beliefs over limiting beliefs from people wanting to play it safe.

I was basically indoctrinated by inferiority.

These limiting beliefs were furthered by a traumatic car accident when I was just six years old. I was hit by a truck.

What followed?



Having to learn to walk again.

Basically non-existent physio.

And being told that I was never able to do any sports, ever, and that neither of the long-term effects was treatable.

Fast forward to now… I’ve changed pretty much all of my beliefs.

I started doing sports (swimming, basketball, weight-lifting), and I’m in better shape than most of my peers in my age group in their early forties. I even became a basketball coach for 10 years, until I focused more and more on my entrepreneurial journey.

This journey didn’t start with a lemonade stand like Gary Vaynerchuk. This simply wasn’t a thing in urban Germany. But I organized small events and started my own small button production for bands and non-profits.

It took a while until I finally found the right business for me, and that was “Translation Royale”, a translation and content agency for the iGaming industry. This grew into a wildly successful 7-figure agency network of four agencies (Content Spa, WeGotGame, and Hotcopy Asia) with different focuses and industries they’re serving, while also running and investing in e-commerce businesses - all under the umbrella of “Shephard & Young”.

Since founding my agencies, without ever raising capital and funding, we’ve been flourishing with best-in-class premium white-glove service. (remember my words above?)

Why do I emphasize “premium white-glove service” so much? Because as much as I value this, I despise mediocre or sub-par service.

So, if you’re reading this, promise me to always give your best! That’s all I’m asking for.

You don't have to have been a childhood entrepreneur or wunderkind. You're enough, and it's never too late to pivot.

I hope that my “Who is Sebastian Scheplitz” story inspires you to finally reframe your mindset to reach your full potential. Read more about this in my blog posts or on my Instagram @sebastian.scheplitz

And if you have a publication, podcast, or live event, I’d love to share my story and insights with your audience. Just reach out to press@sebastianscheplitz.com