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From Tradition to Vision: How Sebastian Scheplitz Shifted His Mindset to Build a Successful Marketing Agency


"Sebastian Scheplitz, CEO of Translation Royale, The Content Spa, Hotcopy Asia, and Mastercut Video, has faced no end of adversity in his life. But through the struggle, he found greatness and strength.

In his twenties, Scheplitz arrived at a crossroads. He was met with a decision: to fall in line and do as he’s always done, or forge his own path ahead. Having realized that he didn’t have to listen to what others told him or do what was expected of him, he chose the latter. He admits he’d always known that he needed to do this — even as a teenager. However, it took him a while to incorporate it into his own life and truly take control over his future."

Five Mindset Shifts You Must Adopt To Thrive At Entrepreneurship


"Operating a business is self-employment and it comes with a lot of freedom. Especially for people who walked out of the routine 9-5 lifestyle, figuring out what to do with all the time they now control can be tough. Essentially, your business hangs on the threads of how serious you take it.

“Everyone has some bad habits to a certain degree,” says Sebastian Scheplitz, a German entrepreneur, multi-business founder, and international business coach. “You’re not alone. However, if you find yourself Netflixing the whole weekend away, although you clearly had dreams of starting your own business, you need to make a clear cut. Those bad habits are not your friends. They might seem that way because it’s so cozy in your comfort zone. But do you know what’s cozier? The feeling of finally having achieved your dreams and goals."

Five Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Marketing in a Post-Covid World


"Take Sebastian Scheplitz for instance. He grew a content marketing agency for the iGaming industry when most of his acquaintances told him that he would fail. They thought that taking a remote-work approach would be a huge mistake, whereas he only saw it as a big opportunity, and subsequently built an agency network and two e-commerce businesses.

'Stop listening to other people's opinions when they're not where you want to be. If I would've listened to every single piece of advice I'd gotten, I would probably still be stuck in some job that I hated. Maybe going from one short-term contract to another. If you're dreaming about starting a business, don't listen to anyone who's always only been an employee. Listen to other entrepreneurs. Just as you need to listen to long-term couples on how they've made their relationship work, instead of only your single friends,' Scheplitz says."

Top Entrepreneurs That Will Inspire You During Covid-19


"Sebastian Scheplitz is an accomplished Executive Coach and Thought Leader, and the CEO and founder of a localization and content marketing network. His agencies assist hundreds of clients in international marketing while targeting new markets and audiences with content in their native language. With clients in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Asia, Scheplitz' company has been doubling its revenue each year and is on track to do it again this year, even during COVID-19, due to his remote-first approach.

Shortly after its success, the agency expanded into four brands to assist better in different industries: gaming, fashion and beauty, content marketing in Asia with, and their newest video content marketing company Mastercut is available from this summer. Apart from continuously bringing home six-figures in monthly sales through his agencies, Scheplitz is handling different business ventures in the e-commerce space."

‘Start Scrappy, but Start’: CEO Sebastian Scheplitz details his top principles for business success


"Focusing solely on learning only the technical know-how of running a business might get you started, but it won’t exactly keep you going. Entrepreneurs are trained by experiences and in reality, knowing how to handle the physical, emotional, and psychological demands of business is the only way to guarantee a real chance at success.

Most times, the best advice on entrepreneurship comes from people who have nothing to gain from sugar-coating the truth. According to German entrepreneur and international business coach, Sebastian Scheplitz, having a clear vision for your business could quickly turn into a painful experience when you don’t know how to get started."

Top 5 Leadership Skills New Entrepreneurs Need to Succeed


"Good time management will boost the quality of your business and also provide you with enough time for other engagements.

According to the founder and CEO of five digital marketing agencies — Sebastian Scheplitz, time is your most important asset. You only have 24 hours to work, sleep, recharge, work out, socialize, and think. You’ve got to learn to outsource to the right people. Don’t micromanage. Instead, learn to trust those you delegate work to.

Scheplitz is a German entrepreneur who spends a great deal of his time inspiring other entrepreneurs to simultaneously seek personal and business growth through leadership, relationships, mindset, and health."

Empowering Your Employees is the Key to Boosting Your Business


"Content marketing agency owner, Sebastian Scheplitz, has made employee empowerment the cornerstone of his business philosophy. Now the CEO and founder of a group of growing companies, Scheplitz had less than an auspicious start in life. He recounts his childhood which saw him having to relearn to walk after a car accident, suffering at the hands of bullies, and being overwhelmed by numerous self-limiting beliefs — a legacy of his East German, socialist upbringing.

Nevertheless, all of this personal pain gave Scheplitz a unique perspective on life. He says, ‘I was struggling and I learned to see that same struggle in those around me. Now that I’m in a position to do so, I want to ‘pull everyone up’. That’s why I get up every day. I know I’m now in a position where I can help and inspire others. I work for my employees, my team members. That’s my drive. Sure, the money is a very nice side effect, especially after having pretty much nothing until a short while ago…"

How to Detoxify Your Work Culture to Help Your Business Thrive


"Sebastian Scheplitz— CEO of an agency network with five agencies, and founder of two e-commerce brands, inspires entrepreneurs to simultaneously seek personal growth and business growth. He also believes that an entrepreneur must accept the pain from personal experiences to be able to deal with the root cause of a toxic workplace. He emphasizes that this will help in becoming a great leader.

“The entrepreneur is the one with the dream and who spearheads the operation. He or she is the one starting. Most often working crazy hours alone, especially in the beginning. But experiences are better shared. So, inspiring a team and being able to delegate is important to me. And that makes it a team journey.” Sebastian claims."

5 Ways to Help Your Employees Have a Better Work-Life Balance


"Sebastian Scheplitz — CEO of a marketing agency network and business strategist as well, believes that; being a source of inspiration to others should come before work. “My main message is to inspire others to give their absolute best, enjoy their life, work, and follow their dreams. That’s what I want to communicate the most. And even though visibility for my businesses is important too, it’s not as much as my desire to inspire others.“

When employees feel a greater sense of control and ownership over their own lives, they cultivate better relationships and achieve more productivity. A firm with employees that have a great work-life balance attracts valuable clients. Asides from that, such a firm would have high rates of employee retention, which in turn fosters loyalty."

The 5 Biggest Mistakes That First-Time Entrepreneurs Make


"Sebastian Scheplitz, Founder and CEO of an agency network of five agencies and two e-commerce businesses, has had his fair share of problems between being in a coma, being bullied, and being unemployed. Before founding his first company, he got a degree in international marketing, PR, and business. And now, his content marketing agency for the iGaming industry, Translation Royale, has grown to become one of the top three agencies in Europe for this expertise.

Improvising when it comes to business strategy is also not encouraged as it can often lead to a waste of capital and resources. Sebastian suggests that you have clear goals to succeed: “Don’t say you want to make more in sales; say ‘I want to sell x number more. This means x phone calls per day/x amount of ad spend more.’ Don’t say, ‘My own business would be nice’ say ‘On Saturday, I’m planning to research business ideas for four hours; and on Sunday I’m going to research competitors for each. This weekend I’m going to write a short non-detailed business plan, and print it, laminate it – so I can work with it going forward.’"

How to Build and Maintain a Successful Remote Working Team


"In order to succeed in building and managing a remote working team, it’s important to have happy employees, for they will be more productive and hence boost your business, as proven by Sebastian Scheplitz, a German entrepreneur and international business coach.

Positive working culture is extremely important, as Sebastian Scheplitz puts it, “I have worked in toxic office environments. I dreaded it. But working from home was no option back then. It’s important to create an office environment where your team members don’t just have to go, but love to go – and then, on top, offer remote or hybrid options."

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